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                            Yantian Port

The Top 10 Port Of China

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    GRACE SHIPPING AGENCY CO.,LTD is devoted to road transport, possessing more than 30 professional container freight liner, which all have such transport permits as driver's license issued by the Customs. Being eligible for customs declaration and transit in Guangdong provice, we mainly undertake transport of import & export containers from places in Guangdong province to Yantian Harbor and Shekou Harbor. The professional, qualified vehicle controlling personnel operate the computer intelligent management system to control and manage vehicles and drives effectively, familiarize themselves with shipping, wharf operation and relation, and complete the transport tasks safely and efficiently.

   We have customs declaration qualification and many experienced declarants. In light of the importance of customs declaration in logistics and to provide better services to customers, we have set up a customs broker at each port in Shenzhen to enhance our services of customs declaration and inspection application. These customs brokers are managed by designated persons.